Concerto for Saxophone, Piano and Percussion

Every concerto features the story of a protagonist, fighting for their voice to be heard in a larger group usually called ‘society’.
This time our protagonist finds herself facing a rather unusual enemy. Will she survive and be victorious? Or will she finally find her downfall…

This piece was first performed in Splendor, Amsterdam with soloists Nanna Ikonen & Mafalda Oliveira, as well as David Ko, David Kuijken, Che-Sheng Wu and Bence Csepeli.

It was performed again in the Blue Note hall of the Conservatoire of Amsterdam as part of the 2019 Composer’s Festival, with soloists Mafalda Oliveira & Luka Prelas, as well as David Ko, David Kuijken, Ambro Golachowski, Bea Picard and Enea Besana.